8-year follow-up of a short implant placed in a fresh post-extraction socket

March, 2018

Surgeon/Restorative dentist: Dr. Alberto Frezzato – Rovigo, Italy

Laboratory: Ceramodent, Paolo Morbiato & C. – Padua, Italy

This case report illustrates immediate implant placement of a Leone 6.5 short implant for replacing tooth #25 of a 52-year-old female. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed sufficient interdental space, sufficient ridge width, thick gingival biotype and a residual bone height of only 7 mm. A minimally invasive surgery was performed: atraumatic root extraction, flapless approach, immediate placement of an implant with a length of only 6.5 mm and immediate insertion of a healing cap for a one-stage surgical procedure. After four months of healing, an implant level impression was taken for the fabrication of an extra-orally cemented metal ceramic crown. 5-year clinical and radiographic follow-up demonstrate the maintenance over time of the achieved results: stable peri-implant marginal bone levels, stable peri-implant soft tissue levels and excellent gingival tissue health. The radiographic follow-up 8 years after delivery of the definitive crown shows the same situation: no peri-implant marginal bone loss can be observed.

Link to the original article published in 2010

5-year follow-up article was published in 2014: Frezzato A, Frezzato I, L’impianto singolo. Dalle evidenze scientifiche ai risultati clinici, ISO 2014, p. 108-112

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