Restoration of a severely resorbed edentulous anterior maxillary area with a screw-retained prosthesis

March, 2018

Surgeon/Restorative dentist:  Dr. Roberto Meli – Florence, Italy

Laboratory:  Accioli & Puccini – Florence, Italy

This case shows the treatment of an edentulous maxillary anterior space with severe resorption of the residual ridge. The patient, suffering from diabetes and an autoimmune disorder (Guillain-Barré), asked for a fixed prosthesis without undergoing time consuming surgical procedures. Due to this particular patient situation, a complex bone grafting procedure to regenerate the missing bone volumes was not contemplated. Two 3.75 x 12 mm Leone implants were placed in position #12 and #22 with a two-stage surgical procedure with simultaneous bone graft and a temporary mobile prosthesis was applied. After six months of healing, the implants were uncovered and a screw-retained prosthesis with pink composite resin to mask the severe gingival defect was fabricated. Thanks to this approach not only the teeth but also gingival aesthetics and anatomy were reproduced.

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March, 2018 -