Guided bone regeneration of a buccal bone defect in the anterior maxilla and placement of a 2.9 mm implant

March, 2018

Surgeon/Restorative dentist: Dr. Renato Turrini – Massarosa (Lucca), Italy

Laboratory:  Fratelli Fruzzetti – Viareggio, Italy

This case illustrates bone grafting with a combination of autologous bone graft and synthetic bone material covered by a membrane stabilized with tacks in order to regenerate the concave osseous architecture of the buccal bone plate. After six months of healing the fixation tacks were removed and a two-stage placement of a 2.9 x 12 mm Leone implant with simultaneous soft tissue thickening was performed. Three months later, the implant was uncovered, soft tissue was conditioned with a healing cap and an implant level impression was taken for the fabrication of a porcelain crown.

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March, 2018 -