ISO - Istituto Studi Odontoiatrici

Since 1982, the ISO, Istituto Studi Odontoiatrici, has been operating with the purpose to promote new therapeutic techniques and to divulge dentistry and implant dentistry to ever higher standards. The Leone’s teaching facility is spread out over two floors with a total surface area of 1000 square meters. During the last 30 years of activity, the ISO training center has taken lectures to more than 43.000 attendees. ISO offers a comprehensive program of courses for dental surgeons, dentists, specialists in dentistry and orthodontics.
Hands-on courses for dental technicians and commercial training in orthodontics and implant dentistry for Italian and foreign traders are also available.

State-of-the art facility

With the exception of the reception area, the first floor of the building is dedicated to the lecture rooms: a dental operatory equipped with 2 dental units for live demonstrations of both orthodontic and implantological interventions. A lecture hall seating up to 40 participants, allows the doctors to visually participate in the interventions.
Endoral and extraoral cameras film the procedures which are wired in to big screens in the various lecture halls at a real time.
A 18-bench dental laboratory fully equipped.
A multi-purpose lecture hall for 80 trainees has been recently endowed with the interactive learning Active Classroom environment, providing an interactive multi-media board and learners’ active response tools which enable the attendees to become active participants in the course.
On the second floor is our “Marco Pozzi” lecture hall seating up to 250 participants.
The didactic tools available at the ISO and the high qualified lecturers make each event a profitable and memorable one for every participant.