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Thanks to almost 50 years of experience in the RPE mechanical manufacturing and the forefront attention to the latest technological innovations introduced in the dental laboratories, Leone is proud to launch the new CAD CAM RPE, the first dedicated expander series, that can be included in a fully digital workflow.


Teeth Borne, Hybrid and Bone Borne RPEs can be accurately manufactured.

up to more than 50kgf thanks to the male screw material and the self centering guides makes it ideal for MARPE technique.

on the screw’s bodies for a perfect coupling with the customized framework .stl file of the screws and connecting squared bar along with manufacturing guidelines available.


The digital design of the appliance introduces some improvements both for the manufacturing, in terms of time and cost efficiency, and clinically, as it ensures higher accuracy than ordinary methods and better predictability of results.

Made entirely of biomedical stainless steel. The housing design is completely smooth, with no rough areas for a secure hygiene. The expander limit, a directional arrow and the lot number are laser etched into the surface of the expander body. Supplied with a dedicated strengthened activation key and instructions for use to facilitate the patient endoral activation.

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