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F1000 Self-Ligating Brackets Self ligating

F1000 Self ligating
Easy to open and close
thanks to the engagement of the sliding fourth wall under bracket tie wings
F1000 brackets are designed to meet the most sophisticated biomechanical requirements and to allow an easy clinical management, without facing the known inconveniences of the other self-ligating systems. F1000 brackets provide all advantages of the most recent clinical scientific evidences on
low friction and on the application of light forces which reduce treatment time for a greater comfort and satisfaction of the patient. F1000 brackets are available with torque and angulation values according to Dr. Damon’s
standard prescription.

Easy to open and close

The F1000 self-ligating mechanism is based on the sliding cover’s appendix (made of superelastic Nickel Titanium) with a hold under the bracket’s tie wings when in the closed position: the special alloy allows the appendix to cross the apex of the tie wings, thus closing the slot by applying a gentle pressure. F1000 brackets can be opened with instruments which are currently used in the dental offi ce, such as the utility instrument or a probe. It can be opened by exerting a light pressure on the hole of the cover or on the superior edge of it, with a movement from upwards to downwards which remains in the same direction either for upper or lower brackets. In this way the sliding ligation cover is kept in the open position on its own under force of gravity, allowing the easy insertion of the archwire. F1000 brackets can be closed with the same instrument used for opening or with a specific instrument that applies a gentle pressure on the appendix of the sliding cover, by driving it to full closing with ease, while maintaining the wire into the slot.
opening f1000 self ligating bracket opening f1000 bracket with tool
  closing  f1000 bracket closing f1000 self ligating  bracket closing f1000
Versatile biomechanics and low friction
The patented self-ligating mechanism provides an additional sliding fourth wall to the slot
to get full biomechanical advantages, by allowing freedom of wire movement inside the
slot. The morphology of the tie wings allows the application of elastic and metallic ligatures,
chains and elastic threads making the management of the friction and the anchorage
possible in order to get the best biomechanical control. The self-ligating mechanism covers the slot on the whole mesio-distal width of the bracket: this allows, unlike other self-ligating systems, a good rotation control even with the application of light wires in a low friction environment. The special circular designed central zone of the slot results in a lower contact with the wire that further minimizes friction, even though maintaining a complete biomechanical control.
Low friction f1000
Hygiene, safety and comfort
The F1000 self-ligating mechanism is based on the sliding cover’s appendix with a hold
under the bracket’s tie wings: therefore F1000 brackets do not require any complex closing
system. Cleaning of the area under the sliding cover is enhanced from the side opening
favouring the action of the water jet. The principle of this self-ligating mechanism is very
simple, safe and easy to use in the mouth. The cover slides into the two side rails on the
bracket’s face in which it is constrained, therefore an accidental release, i.e. caused by wire
pressure and/or unintentional operations cannot happen.
The shape without discontinuities, the ultra-smooth contours and the minimal in/out value
make the F1000 brackets as comfortable as the conventional ones.
Closing f1000
f1000 codes